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Lucia Van Klaverfjouwer

Tsjalle 545 Sport x Fetse 349 Sport
2011 Ster Mare, Provisional Kroon
15.3 hands

Modern built Friesian with outstanding dressage sport pedigree.

Lucia is a First Premium Ster mare. She is also a Provisional Kroon mare. She has an amazing pedigree with a mother line that is completely Ster, or Ster Preferent. Six of her sires are Preferent and eight of them carry the designation of "Sport" meaning that they excel at dressage. She was the 2014 Three Year Old Champion Mare at the Championship Keuring in Blauwhuis, Friesland. She was given high marks by the judges, including an 8 on her trot, 7.5 on her confirmation, 7 on her walk, and 7 on her performance aptitude. They were especially impressed with her powerful and notable hind end movement.

She has an amazingly sweet disposition and a good work ethic. She loves to flirt with the boys and is happy to go anywhere and do anything. Her show career has taken off with wins in the high 60's to low 70's at First Level. She is currently training at Second Level. In 2017 she gave as an outstandingly beautiful filly by Ype (via surrogate mare). We are very excited to see what the future holds for this very talented mare.

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