Friesian Horses

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Ype Sport x Tsjalle 545 Sport
2017 Filly
Still growing

Gorgeous modern sport built Friesian with forward, uphill movement.

Easabelle has an amazing pedigree with a mother line that is completely Ster, or Ster Preferent. Six of her sires are Preferent and nine of them carry the designation of "Sport" meaning that they excel at dressage. She inherited both of her parents exceptional movement.

With over 40 years experience with Friesians, we've seen a lot of foals over the years and we have to admit that Easabelle is perhaps the most beautiful filly we have ever seen. She is going to be tall, as indicated by her 14.2 hand stature at only 16 months of age. She has a elegantly refined head with a swan neck, powerful hindquarters and an exceptionally sharp mind. She likes to please, but she also has a bit of a "lets see what I can get away with" attitude. She is affectionate and will follow you around like a puppy, inquisitive about everything you are doing.

To say we are excited to see her debut in the show ring in a couple of years is an understatement.

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