Friesian Horses

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FPS Registered name "Tonke CCF"
Goffert 369 Sport x Anton 343 Sport
April 20, 2006 - April 20, 2012
Ster Stallion
15.3 hands

What can you say about the most perfect Friesian to have ever graced this earth? He came to Black Magic Farms as a yearling, purchased for his beautiful balance at the canter. He was the most perfect gentleman, able to trailer next to mares, play with foals and possessed of the sweetest nature. He was the most rhythmic and balanced horse we have ever ridden even from the first moment a rider sat on his back.

He loved to work, eagerly looking for his rider, at shows and at school. He loved his human mother, whinnying for her whenever she called out his nickname - "Squirt". He had a playful nature and loved his many toys, bringing laughter and smiles to all who watched him play. To say he was beautiful is not enough; he was Friesian perfection on four legs. To say he was talented is an understatement; he had the desire and natural ability to go all the way. He had the biggest heart of any horse we have ever known.

Such equine perfection was not meant to remain here with us. In April 2012, just shy of his sixth birthday, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. After a valiant effort to save him, he was humanely euthanized on this birthday. His little "brother" Braegho visibly mourned his passing - as did we all.

"There will come a day when we are reunited and I will sit upon him once more, and it will feel as it always did, like sitting on a cloud. I will run my fingers through his mane, and press my lips against his sweet smelling coat. I will hear his whinny and I shall once more be made whole." - Ashley Simmons, owner, Black Magic Farms

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