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Wyberen van de Handemann

Pronounced "We-ber-run"
Maurits 437 Sport x Krist 358
2015 Stallion
16 hands

Exceptional mother line with all ster, or ster-preferent dams. His mother also has the Sport designation.

Elegant, modern sport-type Friesian with a natural uphill carriage.

Wyberen first caught the attention of our trainer Judith Pietersen when she spied him at a competition for "Most Promising Dressage Horse - 3 year olds". His scores at the trot and canter (8.5 and 8.0) were outstanding. His walk unfortunately only scored a 5.5 and a 6 was needed to move onto the next round. Judith was certain that his walk could be improved with more strengthening and confidence. He was not for sale at the time, but Judith kept track of him closely as he was far superior to any of the horses she had seen there. He was scheduled to try out for the stallion testing, but a fever took him out of that competition. It was then Judith approached the owners again and this time they indicated he was for sale.

He was the first of several stallions that Ashley rode on her 2019 trip to the Netherlands to find another stallion for our barn. His beautiful head, large, expressive eyes, small ears, refined build and calm demeanor immediately caught her attention. Once in the saddle Ashley was amazed at his lightness; it felt as though none of his feet ever touched the ground. He was also surprisingly equally balanced going both ways at the trot and canter. As for his walk, a little encouragement, and he was over-striding like a pro. After riding the other horses we had planned on seeing, Ashley knew that he was the one she wanted! They had an instant connection that she did not feel with the others.

For the time being, Wyberen will stay in the Netherlands under Judith's expert training. Our goals are to try for Most Promising Dressage Horse - 4 year old, 5 year old and 6 year old, as well as the Subli Cup. Ashley will fly over several times a year to ride him and train with Judith.

We are very excited to see what this stunning boy will accomplish!

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