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    Ype - 2013 USDF National Reserve Champion Second Level Musical Freestyle

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    Black Magic Farms consistently in the ribbons.

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    Xena Kismet - 2013 USDF Region 5 Third Level Musical Freestyle Champion

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    USEF All Breed Awards won

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    Tennyson (Goffert 369 Sport x Anton 343 Sport)


Welcome to Black Magic Farms

Our love for the Friesian breed has existed for over 43 years and we were proud to bring the first Friesian into the state of Utah over 24 years ago. Our focus is on producing the finest Friesians for dressage, and all of our horses possess a willing, intelligent personality as well as exceptional movement. We are proud to have two of the top trainers in Utah working with our horses, Margo Gogan and Cassie Benson, both of Hilltop Dressage. Under their guidance our horses have won numerous awards, both locally and nationally. We are also extremely lucky to have our horses receive training from some of the top riders/clinicians out there; Jeremy Steinberg, Melissa Creswick, Adrienne Lyle, Jan Ebeling and Debbie McDonald.

In 2012, we imported the 5 year old stallion Ype (pronounced E-Pa) (Tsjabring 429 Sport x Naen 264 Preferent). In his short career in the Netherlands, this exceptional stallion was able to qualify for the finals of the Subli-Cup (the Netherlands equivalent to the FEI 5 year old test) with only three rides out of seven rides possible. Even though his move to the USA prevented him from participating in the finals, his high scores enabled him to finish 6th out of a field of 67 warmbloods. Ype also received the highest score ever achieved by a Friesian in the Subli Cup - 80.2%. His 2013 debut in the USA was equally impressive, coming out at Second Level, Test 3 with a 72.2%. We are very excited to see the talents this impressive stallion can bring to the Friesian breed.
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